Costa Rica

Top 10 things to do In Santa Teresa

1. Surfing

Surfing in Santa Teresa is almost a mandatory activity. The waves are so legendary that most of the new residents in town have moved for the sole purpose of surfing. It is optimal for beginners, experts and everything in between. If the waves on the main beach are too rough, the beaches 5 to 10 min north are usually more beginner friendly.Surfing: Surfing is basically a mandatory activity in Santa Teresa. The main beach is described as having some of the best waves in the world. In addition it’s not season dependent weather or not you can surf. Many surfers at the main beach are pro. The waves can be a bit intimidating for newbies. Luckily there are more beginner- friendly waves both North as well as south of the main beaches.

Surf courses are available everywhere at Santa Teresa.

2. Yoga

The yoga scene is vast. Most styles are represented, and more than half of the hostels and hotels in town offer classes. Therefore you will have plenty of opportunities to find your favorite teacher, style and venue. Many of the instructors travel from place to place at the different spaces. Therefore you can both shop around for your favorite spot, as well as get to keep a daily practice with your nr. 1 instructor.

Strike a pose in the sunset

3. Horseback- riding

Riding down a beach in the sunset is probably one of the most cliche, and most beautiful experiences you can have. There are several places offering horseback services. We recommend being particular of who you use. Wellbeing of the horses should be prioritized. Ollie’s adventure treats their horses good, and has many available.

Horsebackriding in the sunset, cliche for a good reason.

4. ATV- Trip:

If motorized vehicles is your preferable transportation, there are no lack of places to either rent out, or take you on a guided trip. During high season there is high demand on the rentals. To be certain, book one in advance. During low- season it should not be to difficult to rent one on arrival.

5. Photography:

If you’re a photo- enthusiast, Santa Teresa is like a paradise. You can catch every type of motives, being action high paced surfers, to more tranquil sunsets. Or both. Like so many places in Costa Rica, there is a lot of wildlife. Birds, monkeys and even jumping fish are all around. If people are your favorite motive, there are plenty of cool beach bums that are open to become part of your travel- memories.

6. Waterfalls

Montezuma Waterfalls is not far from Santa Teresa.

7. Shopping

8. Cabuya Island

9. Dine til you drop

10. Party

Santa Teresa isn’t as famous as Places like Tamarindo or Jaco. Still there are some clubs, as well a lot of cool hangouts to check out. At the north end of the beach you find Disco Bar La Lora Amarilla.