Cancun – A Guide to the Hotel Zone

Cancun is well known worldwide for its magnificent white sand beaches and its beautiful sea in turquoise blue hues. It has unique natural and beautiful sights, such as an underwater museum. Additionally, it has lovely international cuisine, spectacular golf courses, spa facilities, shopping centers, handicraft markets, and an incomparable active nightlife.

The city is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the southeastern part of Mexico. Upon your arrival at the Cancun international airport, get a taxi, bus, minivan, or even a rental car northeast for about 30 minutes to reach the heart of the renowned hotel zone. The main city is about an hour north of Playa del Carmen and an hour and forty-five minutes north of Tulum by car. 

Cancun is the ultimate tourist vacation destination with a blend of entertainment and serenity for everyone, regardless of their age.

Things To Do in Cancun

There are so many things to do in Cancun. It is easy to visit different destinations each day and never get bored. Some fun things to do include visiting Chichen Itza, the ruins of Tulum, diving at Isla Mujeres, and if you are interested in partying, you should check out Coco Bongo.

Best Places To Stay

According to the visitors’ bureau site, over thirty-two thousand Cancun hotel rooms cater to everyone. These include accommodations for couples looking for a romantic luxury getaway to all-inclusive family resorts, from high-end to budget-friendly places.

It is indeed a destination for anyone. The only thing is you have to know where you are going. There is a hotel zone on the beautiful beach where you find the most upscale hotels.

Ideally, the best places you can stay within the hotel zone should fit into your budget, have basic amenities, and meet your other requirements.

How To Move Around Cancun

Getting around a new place can be tricky, but moving around Cancun can be very simple. I have listed a few options for you below:

Local Urban Buses

The local buses operate all day and night along the hotel zone and for a very affordable price. Bear in mind that your bus ticket expires each time you get off the bus, meaning you will have to pay to get another ticket, even right away. Buses help get tourists across from one side of the hotel zone to another. They also help tourists explore the beaches. However, do not be shy to ask the driver for directions if you get lost.


A taxi is the best choice if you want to reach places like Isla Blanca and El Meco. This choice makes your trip less adventurous but makes for an easier commute. Keep in mind, however, that taxis in the hotel zones are expensive. If you want to get a taxi from the airport, we advise you to book your transportation ahead of time or have someone do it for you. Uber is not present in Cancun because taxis literally chased them away. 

Car Rental

If you choose to drive around yourself, there are a couple of car rentals agencies around. However, be wary of their initial low rate as this can inflate significantly. Also, you may need to have a driver’s license before you can rent a car.

Best Time to Travel To Cancun

Although Cancun has near-perfect weather, the best times to travel are April and May because it’s a low travel season, and the prices are lower. Additionally, there is less risk of rain. The best weather is in April and December, but if you are a nature enthusiast, you should visit in May when the sea turtles nest and the whales and sharks make their yearly appearances.

Also, September and October are the rainiest but the cheapest months to visit. Christmas and New Year are the most expensive times to go there as these are popular times for other travelers. Be sure to pack a light jacket or sweater for the winter months.

How To Get to Cancun

Three terminals make up the Cancun airport: the international terminal, the domestic terminal, and the cargo terminal. A minivan taxi, available at the domestic and international terminal, is there to move you around the terminals. At the international terminal, you can get the minivan outside the main entrance; you’ll see a sign to guide you. Note that it is a free service.

If you are not part of a travel package and you are without a tour guide, there are taxi and bus services available at the airport that can take you to places as far as Tulum.

A tour representative waits for individuals that are part of a travel package at the airport. Finding them would not be difficult because they usually carry signs with the tour company’s name or your name. These representatives usually speak English and do not leave the airport until all members of the package are present and accounted for. It might cause some confusion, but as soon as everyone is there, the bus leaves for the hotel so you can rest and freshen up before you begin your adventure.

The hotel zone seen from the air

Top Places to See and Visit In Cancun

There’s a ton of great sites around Cancun’s hotel zone. Some of these things include:

Cancun’s Beaches

Cancun consists of several long stretches of beaches, and while regular visitors have their favorites, they can hardly go wrong. You’ll enjoy sparkling crystal clear waters that are close to most of the top resorts. Among the most popular beaches are de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda,  Langosta, Tortugas, Caracol, and Chac-mool.

Tulum’s Beaches

Just a few kilometers from Cancun is Tulum. It happens to be one of the top beach holiday destinations for beach bums. It is a town that’s known for its long stretches of silky-smooth sand beaches. In Tulum, you can choose to sit back under a parasol and enjoy a tasty cocktail or explore one of the secluded beaches.

Chichen Itza

Located three hours west of the beaches, Chichen Itza is one of Cancun’s most popular tourist destinations. It houses many famous chac-mool statues, some important buildings such as the 30m tall El Castillo, one of Mexico’s most famous pyramids. As a result, it is one of Mexico’s largest and well-preserved archaeological sites. Few visitors go without seeing one or more of the enormous Mayan ruins within Cancun.

Mayan Pyramid
Chichén Itzá, Mayan city in Yucatan.

The Underwater Museum in Cancun 

The Cancun underwater museum is one of the unique points of interest in this resort town. It was set up in 2009 due to storm damage to the Cancun National Marine Park. The museum is dedicated to the “art of conservation,” and is a delight for tourists interested in diving.

The fantastic thing about this unique art collection is that there are more than 500 sculptures spread across two underwater galleries covering human figures in various poses, including a concrete car. A few are in a nearby mall on land.

The sculptures put together by six artists from Mexico and Britain will eventually form the basis for newer coral reefs. There’s a variety of guided diving tours as well as snorkeling. There are also glass bottom tour boats that ply the waters of diving is not your thing.

Mercado 28

The market known as Mercado 28 is a big maze-like farmers market with over 600 vendors and restaurants. Many stalls sell tons of knickknacks and textiles like blankets, bangles, and leather goods at great bargain prices. Some salespeople in the market can be very pushy, so you need to be ready to haggle to get great discounts. This market is a great spot to get souvenirs to take home and a great place to try new foods. You can get to the market by bus from the hotel zone.

Mural Art in Downtown Cancun

The local community is vigorously involved in street art that pays homage to its Mayan and Mexican culture and heritage. Take a walk around downtown Cancun’s northern end to see brilliant murals by outstanding Brazilian and Mexican street artists.

One of the most popular artworks is the Boy, Jaguar, and Eagle mural, located 1 km south of Playa El Nino Beach.

Things To Pack For Your Trip

Apart from your clothes, mobile phones, and other essentials, here are a few things that may come in handy while you’re in Cancun:


This is because of how sunny and toasty things can get out there in Mexico. 


Granted, it gets scorching during the day, but sometimes it can get very cool in the evenings, so make sure to pack an extra pair of trousers and sweaters. 

A Water Bottle

Having this water bottle cuts down on plastic waste, and you get to save a couple of bucks from purchasing bottled water. In addition, you can refill for free at most restaurants and hotels.

Insect Repellant

If you’re into outdoor activities, you should know that there can be quite a lot of mosquitoes. There is even a place called mosquito beach, which means an insect repellent would come in handy.

Cooling Towel

Cancun can get hot, and while you can’t alter the weather, you can find relaxation with a cooling towel. Whether hiking, shopping, sunbathing, or just feeling a little overheated, find instant relief and cool down with this in your backpack. Feeling hot and sticky can make you feel tired and lazy. Instead, you can quickly cool down and enjoy the day-long outside. 

Popular Festivals and Celebrations in Cancun

Cancun is usually very crowded during celebrations. So, you may not feel very comfortable if you don’t like large crowds. However, the most celebrated festival in Cancun and Mexico is the Day of The Dead.

It is a feast to welcome the already gone loved ones whose souls will return to visit on this day. People dress up in colorful dresses and make-up and decorate creative altars with candies.

Although it falls on the same date as Halloween, it has a different meaning. The Day of The Dead is a more spiritual experience. You could celebrate this day in Xcaret amusement park as they offer remakes of ancient celebrations.

Safety In Cancun

No place is generally without its safety issues and warnings, and Cancun is no exception. Nevertheless, it is a relatively safe place. Travelers and tourists are not targets for organized crimes unless you find yourself in such an entanglement. Cancun is a threat level 2, as per the US State Department; for context, that’s the same league as France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. However, some areas are more protected than others in Cancun. Also, be sure to keep a vigilant eye out for petty thieves.

Also there is a lot of crocodiles in Cancun, and there are regular reports of tourists being attacked. As this one in October 2021. It is therefore recommended to not swim in certain areas where crocodiles are common.

Crocodiles like this one is a common sighting in Cancun bay


Cancun is a beautiful city that satisfies different tourist groups and their needs all at once. Thanks to this guide, you should be able to get the best of this fantastic city of Cancun’s hotel zone all year round whenever you can visit.